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David Gravette // Thrasher cover 50-50 from hell // gif mammothpills photo @spachulla

// everybody remembered this previously unknown maniac when this insanity exploded in skateboarding’s face

Street Canoe | Mike Lent Interview

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Ashton Dohany | Tuck Knee
Photo | Jeff Brockmeyer


Canon 6D with Canon 8mm-15mm Fisheye Test- Brian Ortiz 


Jake “Poptart” Welch 
Photo: Mike Edwards

Catalyst & Domain | GSD 2014

Catalyst, Orlando’s premier skate shop, and Domain Premium Apparel teamed up on “Go Skate Day” this year and traveled to several skate parks across Florida to stoke out the local skate scene.

Andrew Rebelo |Indy Grab

Brian Ortiz Welcom to Domain

Domain is proud to announce Brian Ortiz to the family.

Filmed/Edited by Gio Fournier

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Mat Call | Up & Over 50-50

Photo_Stephen Oliveira